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  • E-Cigarette Charger

    E-Cigarette Charger

    E-Cigarette Charger that works on all standard E-Cigarettes, these are high quality chargers.

    When you put these on charge you will see the light on the charger change to Red, once fully charged it will chanage to Green.

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  • E-Cigarette Mains Wall Plug Charger

    E-Cigarette Mains Wall Plug Charger

    E-Cigarette Mains Wall Plug Charger for all your E-Cigarettes, please note these are designed for E-Cigarettes and are EU approved.

    We urge all customers who do not have a USB charging point to purchase this mains wall charger as they are made for the purpose of charging E-Cigarettes.

    We all have seen the News about the exploding batteries, this is down to using an in-correct charger e.g iPhone socket.

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  • Diamond Mist E-Cigarette Lanyard

    Diamond Mist E-Cigarette Lanyard

    Diamond Mist E-Cigarette Lanyards are perfect for your E-Cigarette just pop it in the holder and it will be secured in place around your neck so you can easily take a vape when you feel like it!

    No more cracked tops, no scratches, no leaks! Just nice and easy vaping. These are high quality and do an awesome job.

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  • Diamond Mist E-Cigarette Sucker

    Diamond Mist E-Cigarette Sucker

    Diamond Mist E-Cigarette Sucker is one of the best accessories for all E-Cigarettes, we all know that when you put them down they just roll, fall over or crack! With these handy little suckers you just pop it down on a bench and then place your E-Cigarette in the hole. You don't have to worry about it falling over or going missing as these are high quality!

    Simple press it onto the table and away you go!

    15mm Diameter inner ring, 40mm diameter outer ring and a huge range of colours to choose from!

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