How to prime a coil? - Diamond Mist E-Liquid
Why should I prime my coil?
Have you ever bought a brand new coil for your vape kit, installed it, loaded it up with your favourite e-liquid and given it a long draw, only to be greeted by a nasty chemically tasting burning sensation that leaves you gasping for breath?
We've all been there, so don't worry!
Using our guides, we will help you to ensure this never happens to you again.
Why Do I need to prime my coil?
A new Vape coil needs to be primed before you first use it so that the cotton isn't burnt while it's dry, if you use a new coil before its properly primed you risk the coil burning out and needing replaced again.
How long should my coil last?
Some people can get up to 3 or 4 weeks of use out of one coil, however we recommend that you change your coil as soon as you feel you can taste burning while using your vape kit, sometimes this can be a lot sooner due to things such as your e-liquid's VG/PG ratio or the resistance of the coil in question.
How to prime a new coil?
To prime a new coil, you simply have to fill your tank with some e-liquid and wait for the e-liquid to be absorbed into the cotton, this usually takes 5-10 minutes however I would personally recommend waiting for as long as 20 minutes just to be sure. Better safe than sorry!
How to Prime a new coil faster?
Sometimes, when you need that nicotine, waiting is simply not an option, in this case, follow the steps below to prime your coil faster.
Start by dropping a few drops of e-liquid onto the visible pieces of cotton on the outside of the coil, install the coil back into the vape tank, fill your tank carefully with your e-liquid of choice, turn off your device, close your air intake (if you can, if not this method will still work) and take a few long slow draws from your device, this will pull the e-liquid into the cotton which can help your coil to prime slightly quicker so you can get back to vaping that little bit sooner!
How to prime a coil step by step guide

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