What's the difference between Mouth to lung vaping and direct to lung vaping? (MTL vs DTL)

What's the difference between Mouth to lung vaping and direct to lung vaping?
(MTL vs DTL)

When making the switch from smoking to vaping there are two different kinds of vaping you will see being mentioned, these are Mouth to lung and Direct to lung.
The main differences between Mouth to lung vaping and Direct to lung vaping are caused by the resistance in the coil. Direct to lung vapes tend to use a 'sub-ohm' coil, this means the coil's resistance is less than 1 ohm, whereas mouth to lung vapes use a coil which has a resistance over 1 ohm. Mouth to lung vapes are usually better for helping the average smoker to quit smoking as they mimic a cigarette very well whereas the direct to lung vape kits are more suitable for experienced vapers as they give off large amounts of vapour.
The wattage range for Mouth to lung vape kits is often a lot lower than for Direct to lung, this is due to the MTL coil not needing as much power as it doesn't create as much vapour.
This is why a lot of DTL vape kits require larger internal batteries or sometimes even external batteries, to help to elongate your vape kit's battery life and make it last a whole day without a recharge, however this can also affect the size of your kit.


Mouth to lung vape kits are used in such a way that requires you to hold the vapour in your mouth before inhaling it into your lungs, this is more like the natural feeling of smoking a cigarette as you can sort of 'sip' the smoke rather than filling your lungs with vapour straight away. This method can also sometimes increase the flavour profile of an e-liquid as it will stay in contact with your tongue for longer while being held in your mouth, before being inhaled into your lungs.
The majority of our customers who are looking to try and give up smoking for the first time opt for a Mouth to lung (MTL) vape kit, usually the T18E or T20s Kit, this is because these are among the best devices to quit smoking down to their true cigarette-like throat hit and their ability to work with most e-liquids, including High PG e-liquid and 50/50 e-liquid.


Direct to lung vape kits offer a very different smoking sensation as these produce a lot more vapour than a MTL kit would. Direct to lung kits seem to be becoming less and less popular among vapers recently, this could be down to the sheer amount of vapour you must inhale and the fact that most people trying to start vaping have been smoking for many years, meaning they don't have the lung capacity to inhale that much vapour at one time.


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