How Many puffs do you get in a Diamond Mist Bar? - Diamond Mist E-Liquid

One of the most common questions among our customers is How many puffs do you get in a Diamond Mist bar?

On average a Diamond Mist bar lasts for approximately 525 puffs, this is equivalent to roughly 40 cigarettes, this is due to them having a 400mah battery and being prefilled with 2ml of delicious eliquid.

The Diamond Mist bars are the perfect Disposable vape kit as they require no knowledge about vaping to use them, you simply open the box, and smoke it like a cigarette.



The available flavours are:

Banana Ice Fresh ripe Banana on the inhale, with a cool breeze on the exhale!

Berry Blast - A punchy blend of blackberries, strawberries, redcurrants and blackcurrants.

Blue Razz -  Sharp Raspberry mixed with fresh sweet Blueberry.

Grape Ice Cool juicy grapes, freshly squished, ready to vape!

Havano Vanilla - Our traditional Havano flavour but with hints of Vanilla

Iced Mango Sweet exotic mango with a cool refreshing twist!

Lychee Ice Very refreshing lychee with a cool twist

Lush Ice A cool sweet mix of Melons and Berries!

Orange Soda An orange pop/soda flavour with a tantalizing fizz!

Pineapple Ice Refreshingly cool sweet & sour pineapple. 

Pink Strawberry - A subtle mix of Strawberries & Melons.

Refreshing Mint A sweet blend of mint with a cooling sensation.

Strawberry Ice Cream Fresh blended Strawberries and Vanilla Ice Cream.



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